Commercial / Bulk


Fresh Macadamia Company Pty Ltd is a commercial roaster of all tree nuts. We can roast and vacuum or retail pack into pouch packs.

Prices depend on the volume of the order and the amount of sorting required. Please see our "prices" to the right.

To keep it simple, we include warehousing (for up to 3 months) and despatch in our low fee.


Currently, our 20 litre drums of macadamia oil are $180 per drum ex Works. We can retail these direct to the public on an appointment basis. Call Karen to make a time on  +61 7 5472 2888. For delivered bulk orders please email us so we can quote you a delivered price.

Nut in Shell

All sized Nut In Shell is machine sized,  and macadamias are not a perfect sphere, so  our specification is that 90% of the product will fall into the described sizes on at least one axis.

Small         Under 19mm

Regular     19 – 23mm

Large         22 – 25mm

Jumbo       24mm and over

Import/Export Services

We can offer drying, bagging,  shipping and export formalities for macadamia nut-in-shell to growers who wish to export their own product. We dry, size, roast and export macadamia nut-in-shell. Freight, payment terms and insurance can be a minefield for a new exporter, so it’s wise to have an experienced exporter to be on your team. Peter Kermond has years of practical experience in exporting and has lectured at University of the Sunshine Coast in Export Management.

We also import and broker tree nuts for large volume users.